This guide will assist you in determining the correct ring or bracelet size.

For Bracelets

spoon savvy bracelet sizing guide

For Rings

Simply measure the circumference of your finger (e.g. around your finger) with a piece of string or sticky tape, and measure the piece of string or tape. Consider that you’ll need to take the ring off when sizing like this (not too tight), and of course you won’t want it slipping off either (not too loose)

Alternatively, if you already have a ring that fits, you can measure the diameter of the ring (e.g. from the inside of one side, directly across to the inside of the other). The table below is measured in millimetres.

With this information you can select your ring size from the chart below.

Please note – the most accurate way to determining the correct ring size is to visit your local jeweller and request a sizing.

Tips – When the climate is cooler your hands will naturally shrink, alternatively when it is hot your hands will swell marginally – considering this it is worthwhile taking your measurement in an average temperature – it does make the difference

ring sizing guide australia uk measurement

ring sizing guide australia australian measurement uk europe us



Spoon Savvy sizes rings via the U.K./Australian sizing chart