New workshop new look

As one door closes another opens.  After a wonderful year or so at the Westend Maker workshop with the fabulous jewellery designer, Alex Parish and her gorgeous family we have opened a new door that sees us step into a dynamic new space.  This fortnight has seen us join the industrious creative Muirs boatyard sheds - a symphony of metallurgy upon the Battery Point shores.

spoon ring making upon anvil at spoon savvy workshop battery point

Surrounded by  a rich maritime history at this marine precinct we are also indulged by the focussed creative energy of metal sculptors, blacksmiths, glass makers, sail makers and so much more.

Inspired by the visual change in atmosphere, I've found myself documenting work in the surroundings inviting a fresh perspective to the designs we share.  The nautical influence, the ocean lapping up the slipway alongside my shed, my convict brick wall painted black, the light that dances through the workshop as the sun journeys through the day, has all inspired a new look website. (that is refreshingly easy to navigate from your devices).  It also features a new bespoke page inviting you to have designs made from your own silverware.

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