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Spoon Rings – Custom Made

Custom Made Jewellery

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Spoon Rings are a fantastic way to share and enjoy the old family silverware.

Fact      Did you know that spoon rings were originally made in 17th century England?  Servants unable to afford a ring to wed their lovely, would often pilfer the silver from the manor houses in which they worked to make wedding rings with.

The process  involves your cutlery being hammered, buffed and prepared with other interesting and savvy jeweller’s techniques.  It is then formed into a spoon/fork ring with an interesting gadget I like to call the ‘Spoon Tuner’.

Sizing    If by chance your ring isn’t the perfect fit – these fabulous designs can be resized (great to know when gift giving) it’s as simple as popping them in the post with a return envelope & details.

To avoid this we provide a pretty savvy ‘ring sizing chart’. It’s straight forward to use and generally provides a very close fit.  Other options would be to visit your local jeweller and have the finger you would like the ring to fit sized  for a spot on fit.

We work with the European sizing system, where the ring size is depicted with a letter e.g. size Q  – We are able to convert other international sizes, although we suggest you utilise our ring sizer chart to achieve a closer fit.


ORDER FORM custom made jewellery click this link and print the order form.  Then simply pop it in the post with your cutlery, in a registered or express post satchel.  We’ll have basic orders delivered within approximately 10 days (if you require your order a.s.a.p. don’t hesitate to ask – anything is possible).

Postage    Spoon Savvy prefers to use registered or express post for safe postage & delivery of your precious things.  It is marginally more expensive, but the benefits are – a tracking number is provided (easier), the items need to be signed for (safer), delivery is receipted, and ultimately no one is put out.

If you choose to post your items via standard post we don’t accept responsibility if the items are lost.

The fine print   Thankyou for trusting Spoon Savvy with your treasured items.  It is important for me to let you know that although I take great care with your cutlery when making spoon jewellery designs – there is a chance that things can go a little pear shaped e.g. a crack may present in the cutlery.  This is a very rare occurrence, and would generally only happen when working with e.p.n.s (silver plated cutlery) If this were to happen – your cutlery would be posted back ‘as is’, and unfortunately we would not be able to complete the design.  Can’t say that it’s happened yet – but there’s the fine print, quite boldly, out of the way.

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  1. Ambar Linton

    How can I get pricing on spoon ring? I have probably 6 that I would like to have done

    April 19, 2013 at 1:15 pm

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