spoons full of design

a history of spoon rings

From a tradition of yesterday,

Spoon Savvy creates, contemporary jewellery designs.


Spoon rings handcrafted by Angela Lowe

Spoon rings originated in 17th century England and were originally used as wedding rings. Servants could not afford to have wedding rings made of precious metals so they would steal the silverware from the manor houses and have them turned into wedding rings. For a time you could tell who the servants were working for by the crest that appeared on their rings.

No doubt convicts transported from England to Tasmania in the early 1800’s were convicted of such offences as ‘Stealing a silver spoon’ or ‘larceny by a servant’.

A gesture of love, commitment or responsibility earned ‘7 years transportation beyond the seas’.

Here in Tasmania the skilful resourcefulness of a prisoner, or servant may again see them delve into the silver chest of an officer or the free settlers to which they were assigned…  to wed their lovely ~ with a precious ring.

for custom designs email spoonsavvy@hotmail.com

2 responses

  1. Raven

    HI! I’m wondering if you guys could tell me or if anyone would know how to tell how old a spoon ring is? I’ve had mine for almost five years and I know it has to be old, it’s so much heavier then the ones that I’ve seen most people have and it’s mark is are so much more ornate. help please!

    February 9, 2015 at 1:35 am

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