spoons full of design

brown paper packages tied up with string

inside are some of your favourite things

custom-made fork rings!

on their way home to Linda, who will no doubt unwrap these little parcels for a sneak peek at the redesigned jewellery inside, before she gifts them  to some lucky family members.

The challenge ingredient for these fabulous two pieces were family heirlooms that had been tucked away in a drawer somewhere, delightful silver cake splades with a family monogram on the handle – now two thoughtful jewellery designs.

One handcrafted into a ‘larger than life’ size for a special mans hand, the other a petite fork ring, for one of the lovely ladies from Linda’s clan.

Thoughtful and beautiful gifts, from your very own sentimental silver cutlery.


contact spoonsavvy@hotmail.com for a custom-made order form, and turn your spoons into something special to share


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